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About Us

We are Zeeb Peterson and Beth Rosemarie, husband and wife artists who work primarily in wood and clay. We work in collaboration on mixed-media sculptures, and sculptural furniture, expressing the spiritual aspects of nature. The magic inherent in the natural world serves as a lure and a guide to both our lives and our art. We make our home in the woodland forests of southern Indiana, where we spend much of our time focused on the creation of our artwork. Our travels have taken us to such diverse places as the marshlands of east coast inland waterways and wild northwest coastlines, from the moorlands of Cornwall to Arizona deserts, mountains and forests across western Europe and North America. Each environment has provided inspiration and materials for our work. On an esoteric level, our art explores such mystical qualities as polarities, states of consciousness, of ancient archetypal elemental attributes, the flow of the Seasons, the sacredness of Earth and Cosmos. On a physical level we are captivated by the sinuous quality and grace of twisting wood, in its abstract mimicry of human form, which can be highlighted with subtle and seamless addition of fired clay, stone, feather, bone, shell.

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